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Advanced Diode Periodontal Hygiene Course

Price: $895.00



Price: $895 for Dentists, Hygienists, Staff

Group Discounts Available — Please register online or if you have questions please call 877-LASER66. 877(527-3766)

This course consists of a full day of training focused entirely on advanced soft tissue laser periodontal applications. Activities include advanced treatment planning modules as well as guidelines for success with re-care appointments and when if necessary; to reinstitute treatment for areas that did not respond to initial therapy. We also talk about when we would recommend referring to a periodontist.

Have you ever wondered how to explain lasers to your patients? It will be covered in this course by role-playing scenarios and sharing laser verbal skills. Insurance codes and fees are an important consideration for most dental patients and we will share average fees and insurance tips and techniques to gain case acceptance.

This course illustrates proper settings for laser techniques, where we can take advantage of the laser’s preference for deeply pigmented tissues. An advanced course treatment planning program will be provided to each participant. Handouts include informed consent forms and other useful documents used when setting up or improving your laser periodontal program.

Cases will be presented in detail throughout the day to illustrate laser treatment planning and treatment protocols. This course makes most attendees feel like they’ve had years of experience and comfort gained in a single day by treatment planning and following the outcome of cases with starting points that run the spectrum from Mild, Moderate to Severe Periodontitis!

This course is recommended for the entire office, including hygienists, dentists and any other team members that interact or answer questions regarding laser hygiene. By the end of class students will feel more like an experienced laser user; being able to answer most common laser periodontal questions.

To be eligible to take the, “Advanced Online Laser Hygiene Class” students will need to have taken and passed our or a similar basic Diode Laser Training class titled, “Ultimate Soft Tissue Laser Certification Course” by Dr. Chris Owens, this basic diode laser training class is designed for Dentists and Hygienists as well as front and back office staff. This basic laser class is our most popular class. This class teaches all the most common dental procedures done with a diode laser. Each module includes average pricing information, insurance codes and marketing techniques to improve case acceptance.

As an online course, you can watch the video chapters as many times as you like with fast forward, rewind and pause capability. The course will be open to you until you are able to submit and pass your exam or within six months from the date of purchase (If you need extra time just ask).

Participants successfully completing the class and passing the exam will receive 8 AGD /PACE approved CE credits and their Advanced WCLI Certification (Graduating up from the Associate Fellowship Certification Level earned by the basic class up to the Fellowship Certification Level earned by taking and passing the Advanced Hygiene/Perio Laser Course).

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