Soft Tissue Handpiece - 10mm Soft Tissue Handpiece - 10mm

Price: $250.00


Description: 200-800 Micron Fibers 30-90 Degree Tip Range Money Back Guarantee if not the best handpiece you have ever used.

  • Handpiece system works with all your leading Nd:YAG, Argon and Diode laser fibers, saving you big $$$$.
  • Feather-lite and Compact ergonomic design gives you access like never before to those difficult rear molar and deep pocket areas.
  • You adjust the tip angle to 90 degrees during treatments. Excellent tactile feel.
  • Disposable Plastic tips for the sterilization control you demand. Direct replacement for your existing plastic tips.
  • Gentle Fiber lock technology minimizes fiber breakage and locks your fibers solidly in place. Entire unit goes right in the autoclave for trouble free sterilization.

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