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Advanced Diode Periodontal Hygiene Course

Price: $895.00



Price: $895 for Dentists or Hygienists

Group Discounts available. Please call 877-527-3766.

This course consists of a full day of training focusing entirely on advanced soft tissue laser periodontal applications. Activities include advanced treatment planning modules as well as guidelines for recare appointments and if necessary how and when to reinstitute treatment.

Have you ever wondered how to explain the laser to your patients? It will be covered in this course by role-playing different scenarios while giving laser verbal skills to use in the clinical setting. Insurance codes and fees are an important aspect in the dental industry to most patients and will also be discussed in this course.

This course will go through how to illustrate proper power settings for tissue coagulation in pocketed areas without harm to healthy tissues. An advanced course treatment planning program will be provided to each participant. This folder will include informed consent forms and many other useful documents to be utilized when setting up or improving your laser periodontal program.

Periodontal cases will be presented in detail to illustrate the laser treatment protocol recommended. It is a fun-filled periodontal day!

This course should include all staff, including hygienists, dentists and all other team members that bring unique perspectives to laser hygiene. Expectation will be that by the close of the day each person will expect to feel like an experienced laser user and will be able to go back to your office with more expertise and confidence in your laser procedures.

Suggested Pre Requisite Course is the Ultimate Soft Tissue Laser Certification Course by Dr. Chris Owens at $895 per participant, designed for DDS's and RDH's.

You can watch the segments as many times as you like and the course will be open to you until you have the chance to submit and pass the exam within six months from the date of purchase.

Participants successfully completing the day and passing the exam will receive 8 AGD /PACE approved CE credits and Advanced WCLI Certification.

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