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Soft Tissue Laser Certification Course

Price: $895.00

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Price: $895 for Dentists or Hygienists

For Houston, TX dates:
$595 for half day on 11/18 for 4CE credit.
$1,290 for both full day and half day on 11/17 and 11/18.

*Special Note for Texas and Kentucky Residents - Texas & Kentucky Board Regulations require a minimum of 12 Hours of Live Course training. This law went into effect on June 23rd of 2015.

In an informative and entertaining presentation, Dr. Chris Owens educates participants on the revolutionary field of lasers in dentistry and hygiene. Course topics include laser physics, safety, and tissue interaction, as well as techniques for success with laser periodontal therapy and soft tissue surgeries. Periodontal applications of lasers are numerous and allow hygienists to perform procedures that had been previously impossible. Other topics of interest covered are commonly used insurance codes and average fees. Students learn through multi-media slide and video presentations as well as by performing hands-on exercises. By the end of the day, participants will be ready to go back into their practices and implement the most commonly used soft tissue laser procedures and periodontal therapies with confidence.

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